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Istilah Komputer Dasar (A-Z)

Istilah yang terdapat dalam komputer berikut singkatannya dari A sampai Z, cukup banyak! bagi yang berminat silahkan dihapal. :)

ACPI – Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACR – Advanced Communications Riser
ADC – Analog to Digital Converter
ADPCM – Adaptive Differential Pulse-Code Modulation
ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AGP – Accelerated Graphics Port
ALI – Acer Labs, Incorporated
ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit
AM – Active Matrix
AMD – Advanced Micro Devices
AMR – Audio Modem Riser
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
APM – Advanced Power Management
ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASPI – Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
AT – Advanced Technology
ATA – Advanced Technology Attachment
ATAPI – AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATM – Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATX – Advanced Technology Extended

BGA – Ball Grid Array
BIOS – Basic Input Output System
BIT – Binary Digit
BNC – Barrel Nut Connector
BNC – Berkeley Nuclear Connector
BNC – British Naval Connector
BSRAM – Burst Static Random Access Memory

CAS – Column Address Signal
CAV – Constant Angular Velocity
CD – Compact Disk
CDR – Compact Disk Recorder
CDRW – Compact Disk Re-Writer
CDTV – Commodore Dynamic Total Vision
CD-ROM – Compact Disk – Read Only Memory
CFM – Cubic Feet per Minute (ft³/min)
CGA – Color Graphics Adapter
CISC – Complex Instruction Set Computer
CLV – Constant Linear Velocity
CMOS – Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMYK – Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
COAST – Cache On A Stick
CNR – Communication Network Riser
CPRM – Copyright Protection for Recordable Media
CPU – Central Processing Unit
CSU/DSU – Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit
CRC – Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRIMM – Continuity Rambus Inline Memory Module
CRT – Cathode Ray Tube

DAC – Digital-to-Analog Converter
DACS – Digital Access and Cross-connect System
DAE – Digital Audio Extraction
DDC – Display Data Channel
DDR – Double Data Rate
DDR-SDRAM – Double Data Rate – Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
DEC – Digital Equipment Corporation
DIMM – Dual Inline Memory Module
DIP – Dual Inline Pin
DMA – Direct Memory Access
DOCSIS – Data Over Cable Systems Interface Specifications
DRAM – Dynamic Random Access Memory
DPI – Dots Per Inch
DS/DD – Double Sided, Double Density
DS/HD – Double Sided, High Density
DSL – Digital Subscriber Line
DSP – Digital Signal Processing
DSTN – Dual Supertwisted Nematic
DUN – Dial Up Networking
DVD – Digital Versatile Disc
DVD-RAM – Digital Versatile Disk – Random Access Memory

EBps – Exabytes per second
Ebps – Exabits per second
ECC – Error Correction Code
ECP – Enhanced Capability Port
EDO – Extended Data Out
EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EGA – Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGA – Enhanced Graphics Array
EIDE – Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
EIAJ – Electronics Industry Association of Japan
EISA – Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture
EMI – Electro-Magnetic Interference
EMS – Expanded Memory Specification
ESDRAM – Enhanced Synchronous Dynamic DRAM
EPIC – Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
EPP – Enhanced Parallel Port
ESD – Electro-Static Discharge
EWSD – Electronic Worldwide Switch Digital

FC-PGA – Flip Chip Pin Grid Array
FDC – Floppy Disk Controller
FDD – Floppy Disk Drive
FDDI – Fiber Distributed Data Interconnect
FeRAM – Ferroelectric Random Access Memory
FIFO – First In First Out
FLOPS – Floating Point Operations per Second
FMD – Flourescent Multi-layer Disk
FMD-ROM – Flourescent Multi-layer Disk – Read Only Memory
FPGA – Field-Programmable Gate Array
FPM – Fast Page Mode
FPS – Frame Per Second
FPU – Floating Point Unit
FSAA – Full Screen Anti-Aliasing
FSB – Front Side Bus
FXSR – Fast Save and Restore

GART – Graphics Address Remapping Table
GB – Gigabytes
GBps – Gigabytes per second
Gbps – Gigabits per second
GDI – Graphical Device Interface
GFD – Gold Finger Device
GHz – GigaHertz
GPA – Graphics Performance Accelerator
GPU – Graphics Processing Unit
GSR – Gigabit Switched Router
GTS – GigaTexel Shader

HCI – Human-Computer Interaction/Interface
HDD – Hard Disk Drive
HIPPI – High Performance Parallel Interface
HPA – High Performance Addressing
HSF – Heat Sink and Fan
HSR – Hidden Surface Removal
HardOCP – Hard Overclocker Comparison Page

IBM – International Business Machines Corporation
IC – Integrated Circuit
ICH – I/O Controller Hub
IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics
IDSL – ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
IEEE – Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
IFTTC – Integrated Fiber To The Curb
IFITL – Integrated Fiber In The Loop
IHA – Intel Hub Architecture
I/O – Input/Output
IR – Infra Red
IRQ – Interrupt Request
ISA – Industry Standard Architecture
ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO – International Standards Organization

JBOD – Just a Bunch Of Disks

Kbps – Kilobits Per Second
KBps – KiloBytes per second
KNI – Katmai New Instructions
KVM – Keyboard Video Mouse

LASER – Light Amplified by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation
LBA – Logical Block Addressing
LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
LDT – Lightning Data Transport
LED – Light Emitting Diode
LIF – Low Insertion Force
LIFO – Last In First Out
LMA – Lightspeed Memory Architecture
LPT – Line Print Terminal
LUN – Logical Unit Number
LVD – Low-Voltage Differential

MAC – Media Access Control
MB – MotherBoard
MB – Megabyte
MBps – Megabytes Per Second
Mbps – Megabits Per Second
MC – Micro-Channel
MCA – Micro Channel Architecture
MCE – Machine Check Exception
MCGA – Multi-Color Graphic Array
MDRAM – Multibank Dynamic Random Access Memory
MEMS – Micro-Electromechanical Systems
MFLOPS – Millions of FLoating point Operations Per Second
MFM – Modified Frequency Modulation
MHz – MegaHertz
MIPS – Million Instructions Per Second
MMX – Multi-Media Extensions
Modem – Modulate/Demodulate
MTRR – Memory Type Range Registers

NAS – Network Attached Storage
NAT – Network Address Translation
NFG – Not Functioning Good
NIC – Network Interface Card

OC – Overclock (Over Clock)
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
OTFT – Organic Thin-Film Transistor

PA-RISC – Precision Archetecture Reduced Instruction Set Computing
PAL – Phase Alternation Line
PAN – Personal Area Network
PAT – Port Address Translation
PBC – Pipelined Burst Cache
PC – Personal Computer
PCB – Printed Circuit Board
PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCM – Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA – Peripheral Component Microchannel Interconnect Architecture
PCMCIA – Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PGA – Professional Graphics Array
PIO – Programmable Input/Output
PIXEL – Picture Element
PLD – Programmable Logic Device
PnP – Plug ‘n Play
POST – Power On Self Test
POTS – Plain Old Telephone System
PPGA – Plastic Pin Grid Array
PPP – Point to Point Protocol
PPPoA – Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM
PPPoE – Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
PRAM – Parameter Random Access Memory
PROM – Programmable Read-Only Memory
PSU – Power Supply Unit
PWM – Pulse Width Modulation

QDR – Quadruple Data Rate

RADSL – Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
RAID – Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAID – Redundant Array of Independant Disks
RAM – Random Access Memory
RAMDAC – Random Access Memory Digital Analog Convertor
RDRAM – Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
RGB – Red Green Blue
RIMM – Rambus Inline Memory Module
RISC – Reduced Instruction Set Computing
RLL – Run Length Limited
ROM – Read Only Memory
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute

SAN – Storage Area Network
SASID – Self-scanned Amorphous Silicon Integrated Display
SCA – SCSI Configured Automatically
SCSI – Small Computer System Interface
SDRAM – Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDSL – Synchronus Digital Subscriber Line
SECC – Single Edge Contact Connector
SEP – Single Edge Processor
SEPP – Single Edge Processor Package
SGI – Silicon Graphics Incorporated
SGRAM – Synchronous Graphics RAM
SIMD – Single Instruction-Stream, Multiple Data-Stream
SIMM – Single Inline Memory Module
SLI – Scan Line Interleave
SLIP – Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMDS – Switched Multimegabit Data Service
SMP – Symmetric MultiProcessing
SNR – Signal to Noise Ratio
SODIMM – Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
SPARC – Scalable Processor ArChitecture
SOHO – Small Office Home Office
SRAM – Static Random Access Memory
SSE – Streaming SIMD Extensions
STN – Supertwisted Nematic
STP – Shieled Twisted Pair
SVGA – Super Video Graphics Array
S/PDIF – Sony/Philips Digital Interface

TB – Terabytes
TBps – Terabytes per second
Tbps – Terabits per second
TEC – Thermoelectric Cooler
TFT – Thin Film Transistor
THz – TeraHertz
TIM – Thermal Interface Material
TNT – TwiN Texel
TOPS – Theoretical Operations Per Second
TSOP – Thin Small Outline Package
TTL – Transistor Transistor Logic
TWAIN – Technology Without An Important Name

UART – Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UDMA – Ultra Direct Memory Access
UMA – Unified Memory Architechture
UPS – Uninteruptible Power Supply
USB – Universal Serial Bus
UTP – Unshieled Twisted Pair

VCD – Video CD
VCM – Virutal Channel Memory
VCRAM – Virtual Channel Read Access Memory
VDSL – Very High Data Digital Subscriber Line
VESA – Video Electronics Standards Association
VFD – Vacuum-Flourescent Displays
VGA – Video Graphics Array
VIVO – Video In, Video Out
VLB – VESA Local Bus
VPN – Virtual Private Network
VRAM – Video Random Access Memory

WORM – Write-Once Read-Many
WRAM – Window Random Access Memory
WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get

XGA – Extended Graphics Array
XMS – Extended Memory Specification
XT – Extended Technology

ZIF – Zero Insertion Force
ZV – Zoomed Video

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